About Us


Our story began around two dinner tables, in the homes of Marna and Maria, our founder's grandmothers.Marna believed that she could give her children nothing more valuable than the gift of a global perspective.  At dinnertime, Marna's table became a doorway to new countries, cultures, and cuisines.  Maria believed that no gathering was complete until every guest had eaten their fill. She covered every inch of her table with authentic Cuban dishes, making mealtime an opportunity to taste - and honor - the family's cultural history.It was Marna's spirit of exploration, paired with Maria's spirit of tradition, that inspired MarnaMaria's vision: To bring people together through international cuisine.



Quality is our top priority.  All of our base spices and herbs are sourced from country of origin with certain exceptions if we find something better elsewhere. Our blends are crafted with these ingredients to give seasoning mixes of only the highest quality. We are always on the hunt for new ideas with borders only acting as inspiration for new blends. If you have an idea for a new blend, or would like to see another product on our website, please let us know! We would love see what we can do for you! 


The MarnaMaria team is built of people passionate about our global theme: food & drink, travel & culture. MarnaMaria began in a small apartment in the fifth arrondissement in Paris, the food capital of the world, and has continued to grow and expand all the way to our new headquarters in Hawai'i.  We partner with local spice partners around the world. By connecting with producers and artisans in the United States, Cuba, France, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, India, Thailand, and beyond, we ensure that our customers get only the highest-quality, authentic spices from every region. Our wine and cocktail pairings are created and defined by expert sommeliers certified by the Bordeaux Wine Institute in Bordeaux, France. Our cocktail recipes have been curated and adapted by our alcohol and spirits experts, whose combined experience in professional mixology totals over 30 years.