Hooked On Spices!
I am hooked not only on the spices from Marnamaria but also all the delicious recipes on their website. I am not a natural in the kitchen but have recently started to enjoy cooking for others and cooking “outside of my box”. The recipes coupled with the incredible spices have me hooked! If I can successfully create them all while looking like a master chef, then anyone can. I’ve even started to send Marnamaria spices as gifts to my family and they are a big hit! I’m never going back to any other types of spices or go to recipe websites- Marnamaria all the way. Ps. Writing this while eating their basil biscuits- life changing yummy! Naomi W. - Panama City, Florida
 Perfect for vegetarians! 
My boyfriend and I are both vegetarians and it can be so easy to get in a meal rut. We have been using MarnaMaria spices and seasoning blends lately to make our tried and true recipes more exciting.We are especially fond of the Cuban Carne Criolla on pasta or veggies. So delicious!Lauren K. - Brooklyn, New York
 Amazing blends!
I can't say enough about the first rate blends at Marnamaria! I think my favorite is Herbes de Provence - no wait, Four Spice - no, wait! I really can't decide! The roast chicken recipe with Herbes de Provence smells so amazing while cooking. The Florida Fish on swordfish with salt and pepper, then broiled, flipped and doused with lemon is beyond description! And, I put the Chicken Blend on everything - it's GREAT on a microwaved potato with a little butter. The Four Spice makes oatmeal, cookies and any baked goods so deep and special. Everything is so fresh and beautifully packaged! I feel I have an inside link to extraordinary cooking! Thank you thank you!P. Villa - Sarasota, FL
Amazing Herbes de Provence
I just wanted to let you know that the herbs are fabulous! I rubbed the herbs all over a pork tenderloin and cooked it it was so flavourful. The fragrance of the herbs when I opened the bag, was Wow!! I just couldn't believe it. So fresh! I thought, now that is what it is supposed to smell like!! I was so excited to cook with it and the finished product made me feel like I was cooking like a pro!!!
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Looking forward to trying more blends!Jacqui R. - Vermont, USA
Blast with Chicken Rub
Having a blast with the Chicken Rub!  It is great, of course, on chicken, but I nuked a russet potato for 5 minutes, cut it up, sprinkled some butter, salt and Chicken Rub on it, and it was stellar!!!  Really nice.  And virtually no clean-up!Then, last night, I put 2 large skinless bone-in breast pieces into the pressure cooker with about 1 ½ tsps of Chicken Rub. The pressure cooker brought out all kinds of flavors, and the stock tasted amazing!  Much more intense and flavorful than just the water and chicken. My new favorite for the Florida Fish is equally absurdly easy!  Slab o’ swordfish!  Spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with Florida Fish.  Broil for 3-4 minutes (depending on thickness of fish – mine was easily 1 1/2” thick!)  Flip, sprinkle with Florida Fish and broil the other side.  When it comes out, sprinkle with kosher salt and douse with ½ of a lemon squeezed over it.  SO AMAZING!  I thought it was just a lucky fluke, because swordfish is so good!  So I tried it a few days later with salmon.  Oh, no – it’s not a fluke. It’s just so good, it’s quite startling!  I have never been one to put spices or anything except salt and pepper on fish or chicken – so these blends are a true revelation! Suzanne K. - Arcadia, FL
 Herbes de Provence
 Searched for this herb which was actually from France and found MarnaMaria!! So glad I did, this blend has a wonderful aroma and is the real deal!! As an avid foodie, I was looking for quality and found it!! Extremely pleased, I shall be back for more!! Merci again, I am very happy with these blends and would not hesistate to return to this store. Super shipping also. 7* All round.Florida Fish - Fish Herb Blend
 Outstanding scent, flavour and quality. I wanted to try this blend and was not in the least dissapointed!!! The flavours are just amazing and takes the fish to another level. This is a truely fine blend which is going to be a definite addition to my spice cupboard. Merci tres beaucoup, tous est parfait!! Shipping to the U.K was a doddle, the seller was amazing and has excellent communication. I bought this due to the wonderful grandmothers of this stores founder and salute them both!!! 7* All round, the packaging were foil packed for freshness in a robust pouch. The added bonus of the recipie card and wine recommendations was superb, which I shall look forward to trying!!Mrs M.- London, U.K.