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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do your spices come from?

Our spices and herbs are sourced from around the world! We try to find the best ingredients from their point of origin, meaning you are receiving "local" ingredients, with out being "local" to that part of the world.


Do you spices and seasonings have additives? 

We do our best to keep our spices, herbs, and seasonings as pure as possible. That said, due the nature of some ingredients, this is not possible for each and every product. By our best estimation, 90% of our products have no additives and are completely pure spices and herbs. Some of our products which contain large amounts of ginger or garlic tend to store better with a little help. Check individual product listings to see exact ingredients or just sent us a message! We'd love to answer you individually.


Are your products gluten free or vegan?



Can you ship to an APO?

Yes! We are more than happy to ship to any APO or similar addresses. We highly value the service of the US military and don't want them to miss out on anything from home when they are oversees. Check out our recipe blog, for more information about our commitment to the military. 



Are you really located in Hawaii?

Yes! MarnaMaria Spices & Herbs began in Paris, France by an American working in the French food and wine industry. As time went on, a move back to the US was an exciting opportunity and Hawaii was the landing point!